What could be more delightful than a weekend, a longer stay or a holiday in restful, comfortable surroundings, somewhere that’s reassuring yet offers fresh perspectives, somewhere that offers the very best in refined, charming bed and breakfast or small charming hotel accomodation. These charming bed and breakfasts and small charming hotels are to be found in chateaux, in historical residences, manor houses, but also in more ‘simple’ accommodation that has nevertheless been fitted and decorated with style and finesse and frequently situated in surroundings that are outstanding as regards their views, landscapes or the quality of their general environment.

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 Dar Saïd: Gorgeous hotel accommodation in Sidi Bou Said

Dar Saïd: Gorgeous hotel accommodation in Sidi Bou Said DAR SAÏD is a former mid 19th century town-house that has been restored and transformed into a wonderful 4 star hotel.
In the grounds of DAR SAÏD lies a little swimming pool by a beautiful garden, where jasmine, age-old cypresses and bougainvilleas flourish; the magic is completed by the play of fountains. Outstanding views over the Mediterranean, the sense of history that impregnates this place and the shades of blue and white for which Sidi-Bou-Said is famous all combine to form a stunning and wonderfully peaceful setting.
The hotel has 24 bedrooms, each with its own, individual décor in the local style. The bedrooms are built around 4 different, traditional-style patios. All bedrooms are air-conditioned and are equipped with telephone, television, mini-bar and safe. The bathrooms are decorated in the ‘bath house’ style and are as luxurious as they are original.
We also offer Hammam facilities that will help you unwind and feel great. Breakfast may be served in the lounge area, your bedroom, the garden or by the pool.
Just over the street is the DAR ZARROUK (fine dining, lounge bar, meeting room), overlooking the marina and the whole bay of Tunis.

Day 1 ♦♦ Morning: Tour of Carthage (the Baths of Antoninus Pius, the Roman amphitheatre, Saint-Louis Cathedral) ♦ Lunch: In the DAR ZARROUK or in one of the restaurants on the square ♦ Afternoon: Tour of Sidi-Bou-Said and the Palace of the Baron d'Erlanger, together with a visit to the DAR ANNABI museum ♦ Before the evening meal, enjoy an aperitif in the Lounge Bar ♦ Evening meal: In the DAR ZARROUK or in one of the restaurants on the square.   

Day 2 ♦♦ Morning: We set off for Tunis – tour of the Medina and the ZITOUNA mosque ♦ Lunch: in one of the Medina restaurants, for top-quality, traditional cuisine ♦ Afternoon: Visit to the Bardo Museum ♦ Return to Sidi-Bou-Said for a mint tea in the café des Nattes ♦ Evening meal: In the DAR ZARROUK or in one of the restaurants on the square.

Should you stay a little longer… ♦♦ Half-day ‘get in shape’ programme (Turkish bath and relaxing massage) ♦ Go sailing on our 12m yacht, ‘Kim’ ♦  "The Residence" and "Carthage" golf courses are also close at hand.

Numerous festivals are held in the area:
The Festival of Carthage (July-August) ♦ The October music festival at the Carthage Acropolium ♦ The guitar Festival (March) ♦ The jazz Festival (April) ♦ The Festival of the Medina (during the month of Ramadan).

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