What could be more delightful than a weekend, a longer stay or a holiday in restful, comfortable surroundings, somewhere that’s reassuring yet offers fresh perspectives, somewhere that offers the very best in refined, charming bed and breakfast or small charming hotel accomodation. These charming bed and breakfasts and small charming hotels are to be found in chateaux, in historical residences, manor houses, but also in more ‘simple’ accommodation that has nevertheless been fitted and decorated with style and finesse and frequently situated in surroundings that are outstanding as regards their views, landscapes or the quality of their general environment.

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 Gd Hôtel Bella Tola: Classic historical hotel in St-Luc (Canton of Valais, Switzerland)

Gd Hôtel Bella Tola: Classic historical hotel in St-Luc (Canton of Valais, Switzerland) The Hôtel Bella Tola nurtures both tradition and the good things in life. It’s the kind of place that is half-hidden in the recesses of our childhood memories. With its verandah, inspired by 19th century architectural styles, along with the traditional look of its slender arched windows, this building has been capturing the essence of elegance for over a hundred years now, whilst still exuding a lighter, more contemporary chic today. Steeped as it is in history, there’s a new, albeit respectful wind of change blowing through this mountain dwelling – one that adores antique furniture and the finest fabrics. It all goes to make a home, as much as a hotel, out of the Bella Tola – somewhere that’s just as special and cosy as a second abode. The 32 bedrooms, living and dining areas each boast their own unique décor, reminding visitors that time does not hold sway here. The ‘L’Eau des Cimes’ spa will more than satisfy your wish for rest and relaxation: There’s a large health and beauty centre with covered swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, ice fountain and massage rooms. The hotel won the ‘Hôtel historique de l’année’ (historic hotel of the year) award in 2001.

Day 1 ♦♦ Morning: Take the funicular railway for magnificent views over the ‘4000m’ (mountain summits over 4000m high), including the Matterhorn. Stroll along the ‘chemin des planètes’ (path of the planets) and explore the solar system through a series of original sculptures ♦ Lunch: at the hôtel Weisshorn, 2200 metres above sea level ♦ Afternoon: travel down through the woods to visit the watermills. ♦ Relax in the spa ♦ Evening meal: in the historical "Salon 1900" dining room.

Day 2 ♦♦ Morning: Excursion to the Moiry dam for amazing views of the Moiry glacier. Good walkers can hike as far as the cabane de Moiry mountain refuge (approx 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours) or else walk around the reservoir ♦ Lunch: For hikers, at the cabane de Moiry, looking out over the glacier, otherwise, in a traditional local restaurant in the old village of Grimentz ♦ Afternoon: tour of the extremely well-preserved village of Grimentz and back to the hotel. ♦ Relax in the spa ♦ Evening meal: enjoy a regional speciality at the "Le Tzambron" restaurant (fondue, raclette (cheese, cooked meats etc...).
If you should stay a little longer…
This is heaven for walkers, with more than 215 miles of marked paths in an unspoilt natural setting. You can also embark on the discovery of the local fauna and geology on a guided tour with your hosts...

Special themed holiday packages are available in the Summer, allowing you to explore the area through a series of guided walks (botanical walks, geological walks…).
The traditional national day celebrations take place on August 1st, with a big buffet in the garden. Third weekend in June: fête de l'inalpe (celebrating the transhumance, the moving of livestock to mountain pastures in the Summer).

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 Aux bons matins de Capella: Charming guesthouse in the Valais

Aux bons matins de Capella: Charming guesthouse in the Valais Prepare to be entranced by the magic of this sun-kissed, mountainous region. Our guesthouse lies in the heart of this area, in Chermignon, a classic Valais village. In the morning, you’ll be gently awoken by birdsong, while in the evening, you’ll be serenaded by the soft sound of water from the fountain. Take time to unwind by the fireplace after a good walk on any one of the many footpaths to be found close by. We’ll be delighted to have you staying with us.

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 Parkhotel Schloss Münchenwiler

Parkhotel Schloss Münchenwiler The château de Münchenwiler, once a monastery, dates back to the 11th century. Its wonderful grounds and striking architecture create an incredibly romantic atmosphere ideal for weddings, concerts or just a relaxing holiday break.
The four suites have names that hark back to the castle’s history. Each suite boasts a spacious bedroom with bath and separate shower and toilet.
All bedrooms are equipped with a radio, a television, telephone, WiFi internet connection, a mini-bar and a safe.
The castle tower suite will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding of guests; its unique ambiance will enchant those who appreciate the good things in life, newly-weds and lovers - young and young at heart.
The tower suite comprises a dining room with a sofa, television, radio, telephone, WiFi internet connection, mini-bar and safe and a bedroom with a romantic décor and equally beautiful views over the château grounds.
The bathroom is equipped with the most modern fittings to suit the expectations of today’s guests, including a 2 person bath-tub fitted with water jets and a separate shower and toilet.

Day 1 ♦♦ Morning: Tour of the walled town of Morât ♦ Lunch: There are several options for eating out in the town ♦ Afternoon: Boat trip on Morât lake ♦ Evening meal: At the château.

Day 2 ♦♦ Morning: Tour of Avenches and its Roman amphitheatre ♦ Lunch: There are several options for eating out in the town ♦ Afternoon: Stroll through the Mont Vully vineyards ♦ Evening meal: At Mont Vully.

If you have a little more time…
You could visit Berne, Neuchâtel and Estavayer-le-Lac.

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 Hotel du Pillon: Charming hotel - Les Diablerets

Hotel du Pillon: Charming hotel - Les Diablerets The Hôtel du Pillon, Les Diablerets, is a charming hotel, renovated in 2008 and decorated in the classic Swiss Alpine style of the Vaud Alps. Its façade earns the hotel listed building status, which, together with its collection of objets d'art and its magnificent location opposite the village and glacier of Les Diablerets, mean that this hotel really is one of a kind. Built in 1870, the hôtel du Pillon is the last hotel of this period still in operation in Les Diablerets area. Recently re-opened to the public, it offers 25 lovely bedrooms in an outstanding natural setting. The hôtel du Pillon faces directly south and receives more sun than any other hotel in the resort, as well as affording simply stunning panoramic views. The old wood parquet floors still creak! There’s an old porcelain stove to warm you up and a cosy ambience to make you feel right at home in no time at all. Why not see what it feels like to live in another time? Maybe you’ll capture something of the age of Stravinsky, D.H. Lawrence, Aldous Huxley or the other artists who stayed in this hotel in the years between 1917 and 1927.

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