What could be more delightful than a weekend, a longer stay or a holiday in restful, comfortable surroundings, somewhere that’s reassuring yet offers fresh perspectives, somewhere that offers the very best in refined, charming bed and breakfast or small charming hotel accomodation. These charming bed and breakfasts and small charming hotels are to be found in chateaux, in historical residences, manor houses, but also in more ‘simple’ accommodation that has nevertheless been fitted and decorated with style and finesse and frequently situated in surroundings that are outstanding as regards their views, landscapes or the quality of their general environment.

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 Holiday time at Pinakates Pelion

Holiday time at Pinakates Pelion efipoi * is a traditional residential building, dating back approximately to the 18th century, whose renovation ended up in 2007. It is lain in the village of Pinakates, Pilion (650 m elevation), its distance from the city of Volos is 25 km and neighbors with the villages of Ag.Giorgis Nilias, Vizitsa, Milies. In a 30 min distance there are beaches of Aegean Sea and Pagasitikos Gulf. It offers four self-contained apartments, each one consisting of a living room, a bedroom, a cooker and a bathroom and can accomodate up to 4 or 5 people. On the facades are visible the materials of white stone, wood and the grey shingle of Pilion which is used to cover the roof. The decoration of the interior is the result of a very careful choice of particular furniture which combined the atmosphere of a pilioritian house with the modern aesthetics. Offers also parking and the modern equipment for the everyday needs.

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